How To Order

We have put this page in just to make it little easier to understand how to order.

Due to the limited supply of Vintage fabric you will have to either E-Mail us or DM us on Instagram to order the fabric you want, we will check to see if this fabric is in stock. This can be done by using the Contact us box on the Contact Page, a link is at the bottom of the page.


So when it comes to ordering Braced Skirts and Bloomers we require a button choice for the front of the skirt or bloomers. On the Braced skirts and Bloomers home pages we have created a link to the fabric choices you can choose from, this link will open in a new window to make easier for you to browse through the choices instead of going back and forth. With these selections you don't need to add them to your basket you just need to write what fabric number you are wanting on your skirt/bloomers. 

Step 1:

Browse to Braced Skirt/Bloomers Home Page

Step 2:

Open the link which says Button Choice

(Opens in new window)

Step 3:

Select which fabric you are wanting for your Braced Skirt/Bloomers

On the Plain, Vintage & Non-Vintage pages.

Step 4:

Fill in all necessary information

(Size, Braces, Tie Back/Poppers)

Step 5:

Go back to the Button Choice link that opened up, in a new window, and choose a fabric for your Braced Skirt/Bloomers and also your matching hair clip (e.g. Lib 8 or Lace 2). This doesn't need to be added to your basket separately, we just need you to put the fabric number in the comments section on your item.

The same process will apply for the Mylie Double / Triple Button Band.


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